Brussels, 28 April 2022 – At the occasion of an extraordinary General Assembly held today in Brussels, Philip van Nieuwenhuizen (AFNL, the Netherlands) has been elected as the new President of the European Builders Confederation (EBC) for the period 2022-2025.EBC logo

As a professional construction and infrastructure expert from Utrecht in the Netherlands, Philip van Nieuwenhuizen joined EBC in December 2016 as the representative of its Dutch member AannemersFederatie Bouw & Infra Nederland (AFNL), becoming soon after the Chair of the SMEunited Construction Forum. He was then elected as EBC Vice-President in 2018 and joined on behalf of EBC the Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement of the European Commission in 2019.
He has served for several years as Board Member of AFNL, representing the Dutch SMEs involved in construction and infrastructure works, and as President of MKB INFRA, representing Dutch infrastructure SMEs. 

Philip van NIeuwenhuizen new EBC president

"To have the opportunity and responsibility to
represent the voice of the building trades and micro,
small and medium-sized construction companies is a
privilege and a pleasure for me. The importance of
our sector and our companies is increasingly
recognized, and rightly so, but there are many
challenges ahead of us, whether it is the geopolitical
situation and its impact on materials and energy
sources, the need for greater environmental
responsibility and sustainability, the ambitious
digital transition, or the lack of appeal of our trades
to the younger generation. With its historical
resilience. I am convinced that our sector will be able
to meet these challenges, not least through ever closer
collaboration across the construction value chain."

Philip van Nieuwenhuizen
New EBC President


EBC President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen commented: "I would like to thank Rinaldo Incerpi for his activity during an overly complicated period not only for our companies but for the whole of European and world society. Full of energy and enthusiasm, I will work to put in place a framework that fosters a stable, robust, and long-term business for our companies, while at the same time strengthening our ambition for sustainability, digital transition, and social impact. I look forward to building on the excellent work done by the EBC teams to date to strengthen the role and influence of our construction companies, as a constructive and effective contributor to the debates brought about by the environmental, social, economic and digital ambitions of the European Union and its citizens."

ebc team

On the occasion of this extraordinary General Assembly, EBC also elected Jean-Christophe Repon (CAPEB, France) as Vice-President, who will diligently work with the new EBC President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen and Rinaldo Incerpi (CNA Costruzioni, Italy), serving as EBC Past President.

Fernando Sigchos Jiménez, Secretary General:
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Elena Maria Petrich, Projects & Communication Officer:
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